Who are we?

I will explain to you the Lavauguyot’s story, which is mine too, a simple story as all essential stories. 

I was born in Poitiers in 1972, one of the worst “oenologique” years of the 20th century, and nothing predestined me to become a wine grower. Nothing, except a house in the countryside, here, in Jaunay Marigny, on the other side of the hill, at La Mailleterie, which belongs to my father and his two sisters. Growing attached to this house, each of us have inherited grandfather’s vineyards, Clément Baillet, but nobody farm them.

We only harvest one time a week of grapes that farmers reserved to compensate the renting.

Frédéric Brochet

Today, both wine grower, winemaker and passionate, I apply to make you discover in the Lavaugutyot’s fields, the story of wine and the region through past, present and future centuries!